The main purpose of this activity is that students get familiar with the use of valencian proverbs in English.

For this reason, we have been working during this trimester with all kinds of sayings in English and Valencian.

We have used a lot of tools, such as Kahoot, web pages and expressions that our families use in our daily life.

The kahoots for example, are useful to foster students to learn proverbs doing little challenges with other students.

With regard to web pages, they are useful in two ways: first of all, students learn to use proper information in the web, and in second place, they also learn new proverbs and sayings.

Regarding students relatives expressions, they are very useful to share with immigrant students whose relatives are not valencian. They can share our traditions with these students.

The experience has been great, we have learned new vocabulary and we have acquired new knowledge.

For all these reasons, I strongly recommend doing activities like these.

Our last task related to that activity is to perform a small theatre play in which  we will use a saying at the end of the play. Using this saying as an important moral.