Training overview

Nowadays there is a growing trend towards integrating Web 2.0 and 3.0 into teaching and training. New technologies offers to teachers and education staff a wide new range of possibilities and tools, but not without challenges. This ICT training course is tailored for teachers and educational staff of the Erasmus+ Project “Cooperative learning through Words of Wisdom”, through an hands-on approach and learning-by-doing methodology the participants will develop concrete ICT skills, discuss and exchange ICT best practices and reflect together how to use them in education and in the learning  process.

Main objectives

This structured course allows participants to improve their ICT skills in a practical and concrete way together with other teachers and education staff throughout all Europe thus gaining as well a broader understanding of education in Europe and exchanging best practices and experiences. The general aim of this training course is to foster excellence in education by empowering teachers, trainers, headmasters and other education staff to integrate ICT tools into teaching and education.

The course has a flexible approach in order to adapt the learning outcomes to the particular needs and ICT skills of the participants.


Thanks to this course the participants will:

  • Get an overview of the most important new technologies and of the growing trend of integrating ICT into education;
  • Get to know the best apps, web platforms and ICT solution for teachers and education staff;
  • Learn how to create engaging and interactive multimedia content and presentations;
  • Learn how to digitally assess students’ knowledge and understanding in real-time;
  • Learn the basic concepts of distance learning, e-learning and flipped classroom;
  • Learn how to create a website or a blog with social media;
  • Learn how to use ICT tools to make education more engaging, motivating and innovative;
  • Get a new perspective on ICT tools and learn new ways and best practices to integrate ICT into teaching and training;
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences with participants and staff coming throughout Europe;
  • Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe through everyday cooperation and networking activities.

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Full Daily Programe

Our program comprises 3 days of course, of which the first one is dedicated to networking, preparation and cultural immersion and the last one to follow up, specific needs and cultural activities. Please note that we always do our best to accommodate the specific needs of our participants in a flexible way.
Monday 10th

- Participants arrival

- Introduction, accommodation, orientation and information about the venue and the city.

Tuesday 11th
08:00h - 08:30h
- Reception of participants

- Project agenda and project extension (Svatava Záhoráková)

- Course introduction

- Introduction to web design and our project web page.(Alenus)

- Social Media.

10:00h - 10:20h

Break for breakfast

10:30h - 11:00h

- Practical work: creating asocial media accounts.

- Empowering the students to use blogs to create portfolios and record learning outcomes.

- Practical work: creating your personal teaching website or blog.


Cultural Activities.


Reception at the town hall.


Show cooking at “Casa de la Marquesa de Quirós"


Guided tour of the city

Wednesday 12th
08:00h - 08:30h
- Reception of participants

- The next era of presentations: how to impress and engage the audience.

- Knowing Goggle Workspaces for educators (Rubén Martínez).

- Needs and expectations evaluation.

- How to easily create outstanding multimedia content.

- How to create a lesson around a video.

- Practical work: adding questions and discussion prompts to a video.

- Additional ICT tools, apps and web solutions that can be used in teaching and education.

10:00h - 10:20h

- Break for breakfast

10:30h - 11:00h

- Practical work: creating an engaging video

- Practical work: creating an interactive presentation with Padlet, Canvas,


Cultural Activities.


Local Dance (Roda i Volta Danses La Safor, Elisa Faus)

Trip to Palmar by bus

Lunch at restaurant EL REK (, Tasting of typical cuisine


Guided boat tour of Albufera and Palmar (Elena Domingo Tours)

Thursday 13th
08:00h - 08:30h
- Reception of participants

- ICT tools for a more effective and engaging classroom management with web 3.0.

- How to effortlessly switch to non-traditional teaching and interact with your students.

- 3D development and augmented reality.

- 3D printing.

- Practical work: Create 3d figure.


Cultural activities.

- Theater at school (Juan Roman)

- Music Band at school (David Millet)


- Trip to Valence by bus


- Lunch at restaurant EL FORCAT ( Tasting of typical cuisine


Guided tour of Valence (Elena Domingo Tours)

Friday 14th
- Participants departure.