Logo Contest. Our Procedure


In order to select the logo of our school which would participate in the project contest to choose a logo for the Erasmus + project, we carried out the following event:

Our Arts Baccalaureate students, drew by hand several logos. We can see the pictures here:

Once the students finished all the logos, we proceeded to conduct a survey among the students enrolled in the Erasmus + project, their parents and some teachers involved in the project as well. In the survey participated

    • 40 students (the ones enrolled in the project, from the 2n degree of ESO).
    • 36 parents of those students enrolled in the project.
    • 16 teachers.

The results of the survey were…

In third place was chosen Sandra Arlandis’ logo, with a total of 12 votes (13%)

In second place was chosen the logo of Alex Benedito, with a total of 15 (16,3%)

Maria Miñana Orts was the winner with a total of 23 votes (25%)

When we finished the contest, we hung up all the logos that had enrolled in the contest at our Project corner. Here you can see the picture:

Once we had our logo selected, we shared it to take part in the final survey where students, parents and teachers from all the 6 schools enrolled in the project, voted to select the best logo. This is the logo that now we can see in our website, our social media and so on.

Logo Contest. Our Procedure